Financial Growth Texas: What You Need To Know

This article is about the process for building a website before it’s live, and what this process entails. It also provides five things you should know about Shovel-Ready Sites In Texas.

What Is A Shovel-Ready Site?

A shovel-ready site is a property that is ready for development, but may require some environmental cleanup and/or infrastructure improvements before it can be developed. The term is typically used in Texas, where there are many properties that are ready for development, but may require additional work before they can be developed.

For example, a shovel-ready site might be an undeveloped lot in a rural area that requires clearing of the land, installation of water and sewer lines, and other necessary preparations before it can be developed. Alternatively, a shovel-ready site might be an abandoned commercial building that needs renovation but does not require any construction activity itself. In either case, the term indicates that the property is ready for development and could potentially generate revenue for its owner or developer.

It is important to note that a shovel-ready site does not always mean that development will take place immediately. Sometimes developers will choose to wait until the property has been cleaned up or upgraded first in order to maximise its potential returns. Regardless of when development actually takes place, however, having a shovel-ready site means that it is more likely to succeed than one that is not prepared at all.

How Many Sites Have Been Designated As Shovel-Ready Sites In Texas So Far?

As of March 31, 2019, the Texas Forest Service (TFS) had designated 1,077 sites statewide as shovel-ready for development. This designation means that the site can be cleared and prepared for construction without having to go through the permitting process. TFS is working to identify additional shovel-ready sites throughout the state and will update this list as new sites are identified.

Why Are Some Sites Being Designated As Shovel Ready?

There are a few reasons some sites may be designated as shovel ready.

1. The site has the necessary infrastructure in place, such as roads, power, and water.
2. There are no major environmental challenges that need to be addressed before development can commence.
3. The site is located in an area that is rapidly growing and has a high demand for housing and commercial space.


When it comes to website design, there are a few things you should be aware of if you’re designing a site for the state of Texas. First and foremost, Texans are big on visuals, so make sure your site is easy on the eyes. Additionally, be sure to include features that will help businesses in Texas thrive (like search engine optimization and lead capture forms). Finally, don’t forget about branding — make sure your site looks professional and reflects the image of your company. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a shovel-ready website in Texas!

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